Holding news

9 April 2009
«7Я» retail chain increases its assortment of "Agro-Alliance" products

From the end of March 2009 assortment of “Агроальянс” packaged grain delivered to «7Я» retail chain has increased 40%. This expansion is due to addition of elite varieties (Super Basmati rice, Thai Jasmine rice and Wild and Gold rice Mix) to the traditional positions (buckwheat, kubansky rice, parboiled rice and pees).

As “ Kommersant - Money” points out (ref. 25.03.09) the tendency of economizing on food products has only touched the market of expensive alcohol, elite cheese and sausage, high quality meat and imported fish, but practically has not touched grain sector. Analytics also predict that a certain wish to please themselves with tasty and relatively cheep dish would appear with customers as part of positive emotional background.

From the point of view of “ Rossijskaja Gazeta “ experts (ref. 31.03.09) in time of crisis grain of a premium segment group start to substitute delicacy products for customers, because to cook a tasty and nourishing dish from high quality grain needs minimum additional ingredients: spices or exotic sauce, fruit or vegetables. This explains interest to elite grocery goods from the buyers:

Rice Super Basmati.
This rice is grown at foothills of Pakistan and India. Basmati is considered “king of rice” in the whole world, it possesses unique natural flavor and special taste. Basmati grain is long and thin, and gets even longer in cooking. In the East this sort of rice is used in Indian and Iranian cuisine. Basmati is often used in European High Cuisine.

Thai Jasmine Rice.
Long grain rice Jasmine is grown only on a few plantations in Thailand. This special sort of rice possesses fine flavor of natural origin. In cooking grains stick together a little but preserve the form. Jasmine rice is ideal for cooking spicy oriental dishes as well as deserts. Its palette of taste is favoured by everyone who has tasted it even once.

Gold and Wild Rice Mix.
In this product there is a harmonic combination of nourishing and gustatory qualities of parboiled and wild rice, and the contrast between white and thin brown grains makes the mix especially appetizing. MIX + has its strongest supporters among the followers of healthy food. It perfectly matches with meat and fish dishes as well as fruit of the sea.