Holding news

27 February 2009
“Agro-Alliance” Project Included Into The List Of 25 Priority Investment Projects Of Krasnodar Region

The list was announced in the beginning of February in course of regional anti-crisis council meeting. The list included projects in different spheres of activity: industrial processing, Agro Industrial Complex (AIC), construction and trade. ”Agro-Alliance” Project of rice processing plant was included into above mentioned list as a priority investment project of Krasnodar region in sphere of AIC. Receiving of present status allows the investor to count on an easier way of getting approval from state authorities as well as privileges in regional taxes.

As it has been mentioned before in “Kommersant” of 04.02.2009 and “RBK Daily” of 22.01.2009 the project realization has passed the preliminary stage. “Agro-Alliance” has got State Expertise Appraisal and permission for construction. At present the project design is being accomplished and the engineering equipment of the site has reached its final stage. Although there is an evident shortage of means in the country, the company is quite optimistic in getting a long term financial support of the project.