Holding news

15 May 2012
"Agro-Alliance" completed rice sowing

"Agro-Alliance" is the same name agricultural enterprise of the "Agro-Alliance" Holding Company, which is located in the Abinsk area of Krasnodar region. It was among the first in the region has completed rice sowing.

This year's rice agricultural enterprise system includes eight varieties of rice, two of which are long grain rice of Russian Rice Research Institute (RRRI)’s recent selection. Around 50 hectares has been allocated for red kernel rice Rubin, recently launched in the implementation by our Holding under the brand name of sorts.

The Holding Company, as before, focuses on the development of programs to promote medium grain rice varieties. So, in collaboration with the RRRI, the seeds of elite varieties «Amethyst» and «Regul» sown in the area of 250 hectares, which will provide full annual requirement of our Holding in the manufacture and sale of rice under brand name "Kuban rice Kulon", whose popularity is growing every year.

Traditionally, a part of the area is used for crops of rice for baby food and Japanese cuisine. The largest area, as usual, available for the crop short grain rice varieties “Rapan” and “Flagman”, which are the raw material for production of "Kuban elite rice" - the number one rice brand in Russia.