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7 December 2010
Agro-Alliance Group will be sponsor of swimming competition Salnikov Cup 2010

Promotion of healthy food is a primary value that determines the mission of the Agro-Alliance. Each year the company makes a lot of effort for realization of the mission. Those are exhibition activities, the publications explaining the material in the press and advertising on TV. Since 2008 Agro-Alliance has participated in the program of “Russian Union of athletes" to popularize healthy lifestyles.

This year Agro-Alliance will provide additional sponsorship to competitive swimming. On 28-29 December 2010, St. Petersburg will host the fourth annual Salnikov Cup with the support of the Administration of St. Petersburg, the All-Russian Swimming Federation, and the St. Petersburg Competitive Swimming Federation. Sponsorship funds of the championship will be used to finance this kind of sport to promote competitive swimming, the formation of a new sports elite swimmers of international level.

Athletes and quests of the competition will be able to get themselves familiarized with some products of the company:

Slim&Fit rice includes two kinds of rice, brown and wild. The brown rice has preserved bran coat. The product contains a lot of beneficial dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Wild rice is a champion in containing proteins. The combination of the two types of rice increases the protein composition of the mixture, which is important in vegetarian dishes, sport and health diets.

Kuban elite rice is considered a "soft sort", because it is boiled soft. Milky porridge cooked from this rice is a valuable dietary product. It is easily digested. This rice provides the energy to the body for a long time. Grain labeled "elite" has the highest quality polishing and sorting.

Gold rice (parboiled). Steaming helps preserve more natural vitamins and minerals in grains than the traditional product. Golden color of the grains disappear during cooking. Cooked rice is white and is always crisp.

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