Holding news

19 March 2009
HoReCa grain starts to be delivered to “Karusel” retail chain

The beginning of crisis in Russia is marked with increase in grain sale. This is testified by Russian Statistics data – for the last month grain production only has increased 40.4% compared to February last year. An ordinary customer is more and more interested in three-kilo packages, the purchases of which have been mostly public catering concern before. Accessibility of heavy weigh products both for companies HoReCa segment and home use can be provided by sales through retail food stores – supermarkets and hypermarkets.

From March 2009 the delivery of grain in HoReCa form (3 kg.) will begin to “Karusel” retain shops of S-Petersburg. The additional contract has been signed between parties on the delivery of five positions: Buckwheat Elite Tradition, Rice For Japanese Cuisine Sushi, Rice Super Basmati, Rice Parboiled Gold and Rice Long Grain Classic.

Starting from introduction of HoReCa form in autumn of 2008 company delivers its produce to federal chain “Ashan” and through regional distributors.