Holding news

5 August 2010
Information on progress of the project in Krasnodar region (№1)

The new production complex of Agro-Alliance holding company for the storage and processing of the most valuable varieties of paddy and manufacturing elite products in retail packaging is based on Kuban Plain located north of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus. The complex is situated in ecologically clean area. This is due to high demands on modern manufacturing food industry, which embodies the latest world achievements in the field of processing and storing rice and cereal products guaranteed issue high varietal purity and quality.

Choice of a new object "Agro-Alliance" is not accidental. It is located only 1 km from federal Motorway A146, 900 m from the railroad station Akhtyrskay of North - Caucasus Railway, in the immediate vicinity of the rice farms. Abinskiy District is an agricultural area and is one of the leading rice areas in Russia, annually growing more than 100 tons paddy. Given the geography, sea ports, road and rail system Krasnodar new venture has great potential for development, marketing and product promotion.

We start by demonstrating a series of photo reports with the construction of industrial and logistics facility, which has an area of 5040 square meters. You can see our «green field project». Click on the link

To be continued