Holding news

25 August 2010
Information on progress of the project in Krasnodar region (№ 2)

Proposed photo report shows the construction of building foundations of a modern complex for the storage and processing of the most valuable varieties of paddy. In the pictures there is a rice mill, a grain-receiving building, a grain-cleaning workshop, a first stage of grain-silos. The photo report includes pictures of the complex at various stages of construction from the moment of surveying and the development of pits before the installation of formwork and of molding products for walls.

Construction of buildings and their further exploitation is based on foundations. In the pictures you can see that the foundations of the main objects of the new complex in the form of cast in-situ monolith structure. The reason for the use of expensive materials is a high margin of safety and reliable waterproofing of monolithic foundations. They are basis of reliability, safety and durability of structures. Employees of Southern Rice Company and experts of Project office control the construction daily.

To be continued