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10 May 2011
Julia Vysotskya about rice

Regular viewers of the program "Let's eat at home" (NTV Channel) know about particular fondness for rice by popular TV leader. "I love rice and I'm not even going to apologize for my warm attitude towards it. Rice soothes body and soul (and stomach, too). We can say that great civilizations like China, India, Thailand went up on rice. It is the perfect meal. Useful and tasty"- she says. It is therefore not surprising that in 2010 in every fifth Sunday program Julia used rice in her recipes, calling for a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle in general.

For the second year "Agro-Alliance" is a partner of the program "Let's eat at home" and "Healthy breakfast". Our company is grateful to cooperate with the producer's center of A. Konchalovskiy and to the NTV Channel for the selection of our brand and appreciation of our products that could satisfy the highest demands of a sophisticated TV leader, actress, magazine editor, cook and just a loving mother. In one of May programs, she says: "Take the most delicious rice ... the most famous Russian rice. It is Kuban rice "Kulon" by "Agro-Alliance". It has round grain with a wonderful silky texture. Look".