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21 March 2011
"Lisa” magazine recommends

Different cereals and legumes are included in the diet of modern people. This is due to healthy diet style and rational reasons. Food that is rich in natural fiber and slow carbohydrates increases the human lifespan and improve health.
Cereals are important components of a healthy diet. "Liza" magazine (published by Burda) regularly writes about this on its pages:

Lisa № 2 (10.01.11). Parboiled rice Gold has three advantages at least. Firstly, this rice preserves all useful substances and vitamins in the processing. Secondly, it is easily prepared. And, thirdly, it helps to lose weight. While cooking rice greatly increases in volume. That’s why, a portion of the finished product contains fewer calories.

Lisa № 5(24.01.11). Elite beans are a champion in the content of vegetable protein. However, the color has no effect on the nutritional and dietary properties. The most valuable is beans, which are sorted out manually.

Lisa № 12 (21. 03.11). Inclusion of lentils in the lent diet completely eliminates the deficiency in protein and essential vitamins. It helps to save strength and to clean the body of toxins. Green lentils are crumbly. It retains its shape after cooking. It is suitable both for broth and garnish. Lentils do not accumulate nitrates, toxic elements and radionuclides. It is considered an eco product.

For information: The editorial reviews are no-commercial projects. They are based only on experience and opinion of the journalist. So, the inclusion of our products in column editor is particularly valuable.