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12 October 2012
Note the change in package of “Kulon” rice

Since September 2012, Kuban “Kulon” rice is produced in a package with a new color identification. Pink and red palette of package background is replaced with green. Changing of color scheme was carried out within transition of “Agro-Alliance Extra” cereal line to the package with adhesive flap.

The decision to change the color of “Kulon” rice package was made for improvement of product display SKU on the shelf. Kuban “Kulon” rice has undisputed advantages over other domestic brands. It is medium grain rice (ratio of length to width is 2.4). It absorbs a lot of liquid during cooking and holds form of grains after cooking. Due to high consumer qualities, this rice can be recommended for Italian and Eastern cuisine, as well as desserts.

Other positions of "Agro-Alliance Extra" line remained in their traditional color identification, becoming more attractive due to bright and handy package.

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