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30 November 2009
Russian customers choose “Agroalliance” rice mark

The TV program “Test purchase” was on the air on the “First Channel” on 30 of November. It was dedicated to long-grain rice. Five trade marks taking part in the test were “Mistral”, “Shebekinskiy”, ”Uvelka”, ”Divnitsa”, “Agroalliance”. In customer’s opinion the rice of “Agroalliance” mark was recognized as the leader in the test.

After customer’s selection the experiment was continued in the laboratory, where the quality characteristics of cereals were evaluated, the percentage of fractured grains, the content of impurities, contamination by pests.
According to the expert evidence of laboratory, all participants were measured up to all requirements of safety standards and norms of all Union State Standard.

It is important to note that the broadcast of 30 of November not only announced all test results of rice samples but also started the importance of using this grain in healthy cooking. Chef and dietician were invited into the studio. The presenter of the program “Test purchase” Anton Privolnov and former presenter of Russian television Yuri Nikolaev shared their own opinion with the audience.

Summary. The program “Test purchase” is being released with financial support of the “First Channel” correspondingly is deemed an independent expert, acting only in customer’s interests.