Holding news

18 December 2012
Southern Rice Company has started production of elite brown rice

Southern rice company (belonging to the Agro-Alliance Holding co.) has started production of Regul elite brown rice from domestic paddy, which is grown on the farm of the Holding.

Qualitative characteristics of the new product exceed parameters of the best import samples. Up to tis time the Holding has used brown rice from Uruguay, which is considered one of the best in the world. According to our estimates, quality parameters of Russian brown rice are superior to Uruguayan brown rice. Its grains are more visually appealing and have better taste. We hope that the new product will get new fans, who, being aware of usefulness of brown rice, preferred white polished rice for its better taste.

Start of new production is a symbolic step of Holding in its plans to substitute imported rice varieties, that were not produced in Russia before. We hope that the production of Regul brown rice will rise in line with other similar successful projects such as the production of Sushi rice and Rubin red kernel rice, that were previously fully imported, but now grown and processed in the enterprises of the Holding.