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20 July 2009
Thailand Rice Convention 2009

At the invitation of the Thai Government and Exporters Association Of
Thailand the General director of Agro-Alliance Company Viсtor Kozyrev took
part in IV Thai Rice Convention held under the title "Thailand Rice 2009" *.
During the International Forum an exchange of opinions about the
projections of development world rice market took place, and the
negotiations between Agro-Alliance and the representatives of Department International Trade Ministry of Thailand Commerce, the leaders of Exporters Association of Thailand Rice, the top-managers of large companies-rice exporters, and the International rice traders were held.

Time of the Convention coincided with the extremely complicated
situation in the world rice market in anticipation of possible global change associated with probable yield on the free rice market from intervention stocks of Thai Government and the expected decision of Indian Government about the opening export of non-Basmati rice. At present the government stocks of paddy rice in Thailand is more than 9 million tons(which is more than 6 million tons in
grain).The volumes of India Government reserves is estimated at 25 million

* Previous rice conventions took place in 2001, 2004 and 2007.In 2007 the
company also took part in that International Forum (see the news of 15/05/2007).