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19 March 2010
What does a TV presenter of “Let`s eat at home” give heed to?

Every TV viewer and all readers of book by Y. Vysotskaya know about her special love for rice. Perhaps it was the reason for her to open a series of programs “Let`s eat at home 2010” with rice Slim&Fit by “Agro-Alliance”. The popular TV presenter highly praised the quality of brown rice of our brand. In her program of 17.01.2010 she said: “I eat it almost every day. The name itself means that it is very healthy and very, very tasty”.

For two previous months Yulia has already used brown rice Slim&Fit, Kuban rice Kulon, Kuban elite rice, rice Arborio. Last Sunday she cooked “green spring pilaf” from parboiled rice Gold of our brand. This choice is not accidental - rice Gold is of high quality (100% Sortexed Premium). It contains more natural vitamins and mineral than white rice. Its combination with green vegetables helps to replenish vitamin balance in the most difficult period of spring.

Yulia hasn`t forgotten legumes either. The TV presenter liked the elite beans and green lentils by “Agro-Alliance”. She often used these irreplaceable sources of vegetable protein in her programs. Also Yulia has made a choice of products for the programs in March and April. In them she is going to cook useful green lentils by “Agro-Alliance” repeatedly.