AIDA pasta

At the stage of Agro-Alliance OMF formation the Holding leaders decided to produce pasta exclusively from durum wheat under own brand AIDA, which before was manufactured in Italy.

Our pasta factory has 25 years old history. Factory equipment made in the world's largest machine-building companies Bühler (Switzerland) and Pavan (Italy). Own modern mill distinguishes our pasta factory from competitors.

Agro-Alliance OMF is located in the Orenburg region - the best area for growing durum wheat. Continental climate in the south of Western Siberia provides the highest performance for vitreous wheat, protein content and quality.

AIDA pasta consists only of durum wheat semolina and pure water. The line offers 4 kinds of short pasta – Penne rigate, Fusilli, Mezzi gomiti, Conchiglie, as well as long pasta – Spaghetti, Linguine (6 SKU total). In the nearest future we plan to release extra three special shapes. Pasta is being produced in accordance with Russian standard 31743-2012 – A group, top grade.

AIDA pasta is packed in transparent polypropylene bags with cardboard labels. Three types of corrugated boxes are used for group packaging. Group packaging consists of 20 items of long or short pasta.

AIDA pasta