Holding news

1 October 2019
Agro-Alliance Holding's product packaging redesign

Рacking redesign of the flagship line of cereals and pulses "Agro-Alliance Extra" was completed this fall. We applied the principle of a unified design architecture for all categories: groats and pulses in soft packaging, groats boil-in-bags, cereals, pasta and groats in packaging of HoReCa format. Now all the products of the line are designed in a single recognizable style, which allows it to stand out noticeably on the shelf.

What changed?

The design retained the approach with color coding for each product and the basic red color of the logo. A noticeable product information block appeared on the front side. An absolute innovation was the appearance of a block with culinary ideas on the side of the package.

All cereals and pulses in soft packaging are divided into 2 categories: consumer everyday products and an exotic series of rare or occasion consumption.

An important change is the selection of the Slim & Fit line, which includes products for people leading a healthy lifestyle. Slim & Fit products will expand the range of functional food departments in retail chains.