Holding news

18 June 2013
Agro-Alliance farm has harvested winter barley

Agro-Alliance farm, which is located in Abinsky district of Krasnodar region, has completed the harvest of winter barley.

For harvesting the Agro-Alliance has used 14 modern combine-harvesters of its own park. A good crop by the Abinsk district standards has been harvested in the shortest period. Grains immediately have been transported from the field to the elevator complex of Southern rice company being a daughter company of the Holding. Thanks to a good quality and volume of new crop the farm is fully provided in seeds and fodders for the 2013-2014 season. Also the company plans to sell for export more than 1,300 tons of barley.

June 18 the farm started harvesting of winter wheat on the area of 2,500 hectares.