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15 December 2014
Launch of the first stage of modern Buckwheat Processing Complex

The first stage of modern Buckwheat Processing Complex of Central Cereal Company in Oryol region has been launched 12th December, 2014. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Oryol region Vadim Potomskyi, Chairman of the Board of Russian Agricultural Bank Dmitry Patrushev, General Director of Agro-Alliance holding company Viktor Kozyrev, members of the regional government.

Central Cereal Company is the first resident of “Zelyonaya Roshcha” industrial park. Agreement on the construction of the buckwheat processing complex was signed in the framework of the Orlovsky Economic Forum 2012. The investments in the stage of new production reached more than 800 million rubles. An estimated capacity of new mill is 40,000 tons of buckwheat annually. The first stage of modern buckwheat processing complex includes grain-receiving building, grain-cleaning workshop, system of grain-silos with 15,000 tons capacity, modern packing and logistics centre.

The testing of packing equipment is been completed. The staff Central Cereal Company is 164 people. When the company reaches its full capacity, the number of employees will grow by another hundred.