Holding news

24 June 2009
A new position in retail chain “Karusel” (X5 Retail Group)

“Agro-Alliance” Company has increased its assortment delivery to retail chain “Karusel” (X5 Retail Group) at the expense of putting into a new position “Basmati Gold”. The first delivery of a new product was carried out yesterday.

“Basmati” rice is a special rice variety, with unique natural flavour which is being grown in India and Pakistan only. To produce “Basmati Gold”, rice is additionally parboiled that allows useful substances from bran capsule to pass into grain, and also improve its culinary qualities. Worth mentioning is a distinctive “needle” form of “Basmati” grain: length to width ratio is five, which is an unsurpassed quantity compared to other rice varieties. During the cooking process rice becomes even longer while its width remains the same. Due to the refined form of grain, cooking time of “Basmati Gold” is 7-10 minutes. Cooked rice is always crumbly and has bright white colour.

Despite the fact that new product belongs to a premium segment, there is a steady demand for it even in times of economic instability. “Basmati Gold” rice has a superb taste and flavour and if cooked with spices and fruit (which is urgent in summer time) can be served as a separate dish. Besides the price of “Basmati Gold” rice is less than prices for other delicacy products.