Holding news

12 October 2009
For the first time the seed fund of long-grain rice has been created in the country

This year the "Agro-Alliance" Company in collaboration with GNU VNII of Rice, continued to expand the production of long-grain seeds varieties. The Agro-Alliance program for the zoning of this rice variety is a relevant and promising project as in the present the Russians requirements in the long-grain rice are still provided by imports at 100 percent.

The results of grind paddy the yield of long-grain variety is about 60 dt/ha, that is slightly lower than the medium-grain rice ‘Amethyst’ also promoted by the company.

However, the performance with experimental varieties will be continued. The quality of cereals produced from this class of rice paddy does not comply the best varieties of white long-grain rice, at present imported by the company from Thailand and Uruguay and significantly predominate the similar varieties of rice that is imported into Russia from Vietnam and Pakistan.

The following year in collaboration with the Institute it is planned to continue the organization of the seed growing long-grain rice varieties as well as to sow more than 500 ha for commercial purposes.