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22 September 2009
Photo-report PLC “Shyvalovskiy”

Within the framework of the exhibition “World Food 2009” (15-18 September) the presentation of the new industrial&logistic facility “Shyvalovskiy” was held. The new holding facility “Agro-Alliance” attracted not only clients as well as present and potential customers' interest to TM “Agroalliance” but also became the object of heightened attention from the competing companies.

ILF “Shyvalovskiy” can be truly considered the best in that branch. The logistic centre with the possibility of receiving and goods dispatch by road and rail transport together with the manufactory refining cereals and packing production are intergated in to one production unit. The facility also includes the administrative bulk with a laboratory. The new facility meets the highest sanitary standards, requirements for ventilation and aspiration and fire safety. Advanced structural materials and coatings were used in the facility construction.

The automation of packing production and the introduction of advanced technologies provide high quality of products. The modern technological equipment of the leading European manufacturers allows producing packed grains in the various types, including boil-in-bag and Horeca formats. Seven manufacturing lines installed in the facility, have high performance and in total can produce up to 250.000 retail packages in 24 hours.

The high performance of modern equipment, introduction of advanced technology and information accounting systems, provides the business dealing up to the world standards.

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