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4 June 2012
The Orlovsky Economic Forum 2012

The III Economic Forum took place in Oryol city on 1-2 of June 2012. The Forum focused on primary task of attracting investments in this region, so it was opened with the exhibition of investment projects of the Oryol Region.

According to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the presentation of the Industrial Park “Zelyonaya Roshcha” became the central event of the exhibition. The Park was founded by the government of the region. “Zelyonaya Roshcha” is planned to be build in the Mtsensk district near the regional centre.

Website Oryol region states that this ambitious project has the goal of attracting investments and developing advanced scientific and industrial technologies. Industrial Park is located on 140.5 hectares in the Mtsensk district near federal highway M2 - Crimea and railway junction Oryol - Mtsensk. The Industrial Park “Zelyonaya Roshcha” has the entire engineering infrastructure for the production facilities implementation on a turnkey basis. Also it has effective government support for investors.

Oryol Informburo adds that "Agro-Alliance" became the first resident of the “Zelyonaya Roshcha". Oryol online media recaps company comments: "This forum is the great opportunity to strengthen our status of the first resident of the Industrial Park “Zelyonaya Roshcha”, - said Viktor Kozyrev, the General Director of "Agro-Alliance" Company. "We plan to build a factory for buckwheat processing and a modern logistic terminal here. An estimated capacity of new mill will be 42,000 tons of buckwheat annually. The modern complex will include grain-receiving building, grain-cleaning workshop, system of grain-silos, buckwheat mill, mill for flakes production, modern packing and logistics centre. About 250-300 work positions will be provided. We expect to invest 550 million rubles in this project. Launch production is planned in the second half of 2013".

Alexander Kozlov, the Governor and Chairman of the Government of Oryol region said on a plenary meeting, which took place during the Forum: “This Forum has been successfully used for several years for creating the honest and frank dialogue between the government and business community. Oryol region is open for investments. The main task for business and government is to change the region. We look forward to outright cooperation with everyone who is ready to lead honest business. And we are ready to help them”.

Photos from the Oryol Economic Forum